Mediation Mindset Named One of Top Five Blogs

I am very pleased to announce that this blog has been named one of the top five mediation blogs by the National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution. I am humbled to be in the company of the other great blogs cited. The Institute stated:

"The advent of blogging as a form of internet communication has begun to revolutionize how information is disseminated on the web. The mediation field has not been immune from this development, and there are a growing number of blogs relating to the mediation field popping up on the internet. In recognition of the efforts of these blog pioneers, we have surveyed the field and our findings are presented below...

4. Mediation Mindset
(Written by Anthony Cerminaro, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) This newcomer to the field promises to be a rising star. With a focus on negotiation, this blog presents its information in a compelling and informative style. Of particular note was a recent article on negotiating in China which was as fascinating as it was informative. We predict this blog will become a staple for mediators interested in keeping abreast of developments in this area..."

More details are available at this NIACR page.

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