The XYZs of Negotiating Tactics

"If you want to win at the game of negotiations, then you need to know the ploys, tactics and gambits that will give you an advantage over your opponents." So starts “The ABC of Negotiation Ploys and Tactics” by Eric Garner that explains the following useful negotiating concepts, ploys and tactics:

A is for Aristotle’s Appeals
B is for BATNA
C is for the Coquette Principle
D is for Dumb Is Smart
E is for Emotional Ambush
F is for Fait Accompli
G is for Gallipoli
H is for Hot Potato
I is for the Iroquois Preparation Method
J is for Just See If I Don’t…
K is for Knowing Your Opponents
L is for Later
M is for Modest Diffidence
N is for Needs Not Positions
O is for Obligation
P is for Power Ploys
Q is for Questions
R is for Reluctant Player
S is for Salami
T is for Tentative Overtures
U is for Uncertainty
V is for Variables
W is for Writing the Agreement
X is for Xchanging Concessions
Y is for Yikes, You’ve Got To Be Kidding
Z is for Zipped, or Keeping Your Mouth Zipped

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