Mediation is Good for Business

"Madison, Wisc.-based attorney, Terry Peppard, says that mediation, 'is now an exceptionally well-proven business process, and there should be no business executive anywhere in America who is not intimately familiar with the mediation process and its benefits.' Peppard, who recently published Arbitration and Mediation of Business Disputes says, 'You can't be a good executive if you don't know that this is out there and what it can do for you.' According to Peppard, there are several instances when mediation is the 'best way for a business to go.' These are when:

• It is important to maintain a valuable business relationship between the parties while still resolving the dispute.

• It is important for a client to avoid disclosure of confidential business data.

• It is important that the case be resolved as fast as possible to avoid disrupting business operations."

For more, including links to attorney Peppard's article and other related links and items, see this National Arbitration Forum Blog post.

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