Commercial Mediation Manual

Bill Warters writes:

"Implementing Commercial Mediation was prepared by the World Bank Group's Small and Medium Enterprise Department in 2006. Using case studies, diagnostic and assessment tools, and stakeholder-specific marketing approaches, this manual provides strategies to overcome the challenges of building alternative dispute resolution programs in different national settings. The Task Manager was Alejandro Alvarez de la Campa. You can download the entire toolkit (PDF, 3.4MB), or choose one of its six chapters as noted below:

Introduction: the manual, meant for development professionals, starts with a description of its contents, applications, and limitations of ADR. (PDF, 60KB)

Chapter 1: defines individual ADR processes with attention to the features that distinguish them from conventional dispute resolution. (PDF, 103KB)

Chapter 2: provides a framework for assessing the feasibility of beginning ADR projects, using country and project-specific criteria. (PDF, 118KB)

Chapter 3: offers guidelines for designing ADR projects, centers and assessment tools, and building local partnerships. (PDF, 153KB)

Chapter 4: addresses implementation, with guidance on creating ADR-friendly environments, working within local legal contexts, and selecting cases for mediation. (PDF, 811KB)

Chapter 5: discusses why, when, and how to perform assessments that take into account resources used and outcomes achieved. (PDF, 674KB)

Chapter 6: presents lessons learned in developing ADR projects, highlighting the challenges of creating demand and sustainability. (PDF, 325KB)

The annexes: contain resources to assist program designers and managers, with descriptions of ADR procedures, case studies of projects in various country contexts, sample contract language and agreements, model codes of ethics for mediators, and a list of additional Web resources. (PDF, 3.4MB)."

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